Katy Perry

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Katy Perry
Katy Perry performing Vegas residency (cropped).png
Perri nel 2021
Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson

(1984-10-25) October 25, 1984 (età 38)
Altri nomi
  • Katie Hudson
  • Caterina Perry
  • Cantante
  • compositore di canzoni
  • personaggio televisivo
anni attivi2001 presente
(m. 2010; div 2012)
Partner)Orlando Bloom
(2016-oggi; impegnato)
ParentiFranco Perry (zio)
PremiLista completa
Carriera musicale
  • Vocals
  • chitarra
per il tuo brand
Sito webkatyperry.com

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (nato il 25 ottobre 1984), conosciuto professionalmente come Katy Perry, is an American singer-songwriter and television personality. Known for her influence on modern musica pop e la sua campy style, she has been referred to as the "Queen of Camp"Da Vogue. Pursuing a career in musica gospel at 16, Perry released her debut album, Katie Hudson, sotto Record della collina rossa in 2001, which was commercially unsuccessful. She moved to Los Angeles at 17 to venture into secolare music, and later adopted the stage name "Katy Perry" from her mother's maiden name. She recorded an album while signed to Columbia Records, but was dropped before signing to Capitol Records.

She rose to fame with Uno dei ragazzi (2008), il pop rock record containing her debut single "Ho baciato una ragazza" e singolo successivo "Caldo e freddo", which reached number one and three on the U.S. Tabellone 100 Hot rispettivamente. Il discoteca-influenced pop album Sogno da teenager (2010) spawned five U.S. number one singles—"Gurls della California""Sogno da teenager""Fuochi d'artificio""ET", E"Ultimo venerdì sera (TGIF)"—becoming the only album by a female singer to do so. A reissue of the album titled Sogno adolescenziale: la confezione completa (2012) subsequently produced the U.S. number one single "Parte di me". Her empowerment-themed album Prisma (2013) had two U.S. number one singles "Ruggito" e "Dark Horse". Both their respective music videos made Perry the first artist to have multiple videos reach one billion views on Vevo. electropop album Testimoniare (2017) featured themes of feminism and a political subtext, while Sorriso (2020) was influenced by her recent motherhood and mental health journey. Afterwards, she embarked on her Las Vegas residenza concertistica titolato Play (2021–present), receiving critical acclaim and commercial success.

Perry is one of the artisti musicali più venduti di tutti i tempi, having sold over 143 million records worldwide. All of her studio albums released under Capitol have individually surpassed one billion streams on Spotify, totaling six billion streams. She has nine U.S. number one singles, three U.S. number one albums and has received vari riconoscimenti, Compreso un Tabellone Premio Spotlight (currently the only female artist to have one), four Guinness World Records, cinque Tabellone Premi per la musica, cinque American Music Awards, con Brit Award, E Premio Giunone. Perry has been included in the annual Forbes elenchi di highest-earning women in music from 2011 to 2019. Outside of music, she released an autobiographical documentary titled Katy Perry: Part of Me in 2012, voiced Puffetta in I Puffi film series, and launched her own shoe line Katy Perry Collections in 2017. Perry began serving as a judge on American Idol durante il suo sedicesima stagione in 2018. She is also the second most-followed woman and the sixth most-followed person on Twitter, con oltre 108 milioni di follower.

Vita e carriera

1984-1999: primi anni di vita e famiglia

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson was born on October 25, 1984, in Santa Barbara, California, pentecostale pastors Mary Christine (née Perry) and Maurice Keith Hudson. Both of her parents turned to religion after a "wild youth". Perry has English, German, Irish, and Portuguese ancestry. Through her mother, she is a niece of film director Franco Perry. She has a younger brother named David, who is also a singer, and an older sister, Angela.

From ages three to 11, Perry frequently moved across the country as her very strict parents set up churches before settling again in Santa Barbara. Growing up, she attended religious schools and camps, including Paradise Valley Christian School in Arizona and Santa Barbara Christian School in California during her elementary years. Her family struggled financially, sometimes using alimentari francobolli and eating food from the food bank which also fed the congregation at Perry's parents' church.

Growing up, Perry and her siblings were not allowed to eat the cereal Portafortuna as the word "luck" reminded their mother of Lucifero, and were also required to call uova alla diavola "angeled eggs". Perry primarily listened to musica gospel, as non-religious music was generally discouraged in the family's home. She discovered popular music through CDs she sneaked from her friends. Perry later recalled a story about how a friend of hers played "Dovresti sapere"Da Alanis Morissette, which impacted her songwriting and singing.

While not strictly identifying as religious, she has stated, "I pray all the time – for self-control, for humility." Wanting to be like her sister Angela, Perry began singing by practicing with her sister's cassette tapes. She performed the tracks in front of her parents, who let her take vocal lessons like Angela was doing at the time. She began formazione at age nine and was incorporated into her parents' ministry, singing in church from ages nine to 17. At 13, Perry was given her first guitar for her birthday, and publicly performed songs she wrote. She tried to "be a bit like the typical Californian girl" while growing up, and started rollerskating, skateboarding, and surfing as a teenager. Her brother David described her as a "maschiaccio" during her adolescence, which Perry talks about on her song "One of the Boys". She took dancing lessons and learned how to swing, Lindy Hope jitterbug. Perry completed her Sviluppo educativo generale (GED) requirements early at age 15, during her first year of high school, e sinistra Liceo Dos Pueblos intraprendere la carriera musicale.

2000–2006: inizi della carriera, Katie Hudsone Le impronte digitali

Perry briefly had music lessons in facilities rented from the Music Academy of the West. Her singing caught the attention of rock artists Steve Thomas and Jennifer Kapp da Nashville, Tennessee, who brought her there to improve her writing skills. In Nashville, she started recording demos and learned how to write songs and play guitar. Perry signed with Record della collina rossa and recorded her debut album, a cristiano contemporaneo disco intitolato Katie Hudson, which was released on March 6, 2001. She also went on tour that year as part of Phil Joel's Strangely Normal Tour and embarked on other performances of her own in the United States. Katie Hudson received mixed reviews from critics and was commercially unsuccessful, selling an estimated 200 copies before the label ceased operations in December. Transitioning from gospel music to secular music, Perry started working with producer Glen Ballard, and moved to Los Angeles at age 17. She opted to work with Ballard due to his past work with Alanis Morissette, one of her major inspirations. In 2003, she briefly performed as Katheryn Perry, to avoid confusion with actress Kate Hudson, and later adopted the stage name "Katy Perry", using her mother's maiden name. In 2010, she recalled that "Ti penso" was one of the first songs she wrote after moving to Los Angeles. Perry would also perform at the Albergo Caffè, performing new music while she was between record labels.

In 2004, she signed to Ballard's label, Java Records, which was then affiliated with Il gruppo musicale Island Def Jam. Perry began work on a solo record due for release in March 2005, but the record was shelved after Java was dropped. Ballard then introduced her to Tim Devine, un A & R esecutivo a Columbia Records, and she was signed as a solo artist. By November 2006, Perry had finished writing and recording material for her Columbia debut titled Le impronte digitali (with some of the material from this time appearing on Uno dei ragazzi) which was planned for release in 2007. Some of the material from Le impronte digitali that did not make it on Uno dei ragazzi was given to other artists, such as "Non mi aggancio" e "Long Shot"A Kelly Clarkson e "Dio rock"A Selena Gomez e la scena.

Perry worked with songwriters including Desmond bambino, Greg Wells, Butch Walker, Scott Cutler, Anna Preven, la matrice, Kara Dio Guardi, Max Martine Dott. Luca. In addition, after Devine suggested that songwriting team the Matrix become a "real group", she recorded an album, La matrice, con loro. La matrice was planned for release in 2004 but was cancelled due to creative differences. It was released in 2009 after the release of One of the Boys. Perry was dropped from Columbia in 2006 as Le impronte digitali neared completion. After the label dropped her, she worked at an independent A&R company, Taxi Music.

Perry had minor success prior to her breakthrough. One of the songs she had recorded for her album with Ballard, "Simple", was featured on the soundtrack to the 2005 film Quattro amiche e un paio di jeans. She provided backing vocals on Mick Jaggerla canzone di "Le vecchie abitudini sono dure a morire", which was included on the soundtrack to the 2004 film Alfie. Nel mese di settembre 2004, Frullatore named Perry "The Next Big Thing". She recorded background vocals on PODè singolo "Addio per ora", was featured at the end of its music video in 2006, and performed it with them on The Tonight Show con Jay Leno. That year, Perry also appeared in the music video for "Learn to Fly" by Foglia di carbonio, and played the love interest of her then-boyfriend, Eroi della classe di ginnastica cantante principale Travie McCoy, in the band's music video for "Chokehold di Cupido".

2007–2009: svolta con Uno dei ragazzi

After Columbia dropped Perry, Angelica Cob-Baehler, then a publicity executive at the label, brought Perry's demos to Virgin Records presidente Jason Flom. Flom was convinced that she could be a breakthrough star and she was signed to Capitol Records in April 2007. The label arranged for her to work with Dr. Luke to add an "undeniable smash" to her existing material. Perry and Dr. Luke co-wrote the songs "Ho baciato una ragazza" e "Caldo e freddo" for her second album Uno dei ragazzi. A campaign was started with the November 2007 release of the video to "Sei così gay", a song aimed at introducing her to the music market. A digital EP of the same name was also released that month. madonna helped publicize the song by praising it on the JohnJay & Rich radio show in April 2008, stating "Ur So Gay" was her "favorite song" at the time. In March 2008, Perry made a cameo appearance as a club singer in the Wildfire episode "Life's Too Short" and appeared as herself during a photo shoot that June on La Febbre d'amore for the show's magazine Stile irrequieto.

Katy Perry performing on the Warped Tour 2008
Perry was part of the 2008 Giro deformato allineare

Perry released her first single with Capitol, "I Kissed a Girl", on April 28, 2008, come primo singolo di Uno dei ragazzi. The first station to pick up the song was WRVW in Nashville, who were inundated with enthusiastic calls the first three days they played it. La traccia ha raggiunto il numero uno negli Stati Uniti Tabellone 100 Hot. "I Kissed a Girl" created controversy among both religious and LGBT groups. The former criticized its homosexual theme, while the latter accused her of using bi-curiosità to sell records. In response to speculation that her parents opposed her music and career, Perry told MTV that they had no problems with her success. Uno dei ragazzi, released on June 17, 2008, garnered mixed critical reviews and reached number nine on the US Tabellone 200. L'album ha venduto 7 milioni di copie in tutto il mondo. "Hot n Cold" was released the following September and became the album's second successful single, reaching number three on the Tabellone 100 Hot while topping charts in Germany, Canada, paesi Bassi e l'Austria. Later singles "Thinking of You" and "Svegliarsi a Las Vegas" were released in 2009 and reached the top 30 of the Hot 100. The Matrix's album di debutto omonimo, which Perry had recorded with the band in 2004, was released onto iTunes on January 27, 2009, as a result of her solo success.

After finishing the 2008 Giro deformato, Perry hosted the MTV Europe Music Awards 2008 in November 2008, where she won the award for Miglior nuovo atto. Al 2009 premi britannici, she also won the award for Artista solista femminile internazionale. Perry embarked on her first headlining world tour, the Ciao Katy Tour, from January to November 2009 to support Uno dei ragazzi. On August 4, 2009, she performed as opening act for one date of No Doubt's 2009 tour estivo. Perry also hosted the MTV Europe Music Awards 2009 in November 2009, becoming the first person to host two consecutive ceremonies of the European awards. On July 22, 2009, Perry recorded a live album titled MTV Unplugged, in primo piano acustico performances of five tracks from Uno dei ragazzi as well as one new song, "Brick by Brick", and a cover of Fontane di Wayne's "Hackensack". È stato rilasciato il 17 novembre 2009. Perry also appeared on two singles with other artists; she was featured on a remix of Coloradobanda basata 3OH! 3la canzone di "Stella Konstrukk" in September 2009, and on a duet with Timbaland intitolato "Se mai ci incontreremo ancora", dal suo album Valore d'urto II, three months later. Le Guinness World Records recognized her in its 2010 edition as the "Best Start on the U.S. Digital Chart by a Female Artist", for digital single sales of over two million copies.

After Perry and Travie McCoy split up in December 2008, they briefly reconciled before she ended their relationship in 2009. Perry met her future husband Russell Brand in the summer of 2009 while filming a cameo appearance for his film Get Him to the Greek. Her scene, in which the two kiss, does not appear in the film. She began dating Brand after meeting him again that September at the Premi 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. The couple became engaged on December 31, 2009, while vacationing in Rajasthan, India.

2010-2012: Sogno da teenager and first marriage

After serving as a guest judge on American Idol, Perry released "Gurls della California" caratterizzato Snoop Dogg maggio 7, 2010. The song was the lead single from her third studio album, Sogno da teenager, e ha raggiunto il numero uno sul Tabellone Hot 100 in June. She also served as a guest judge on britannico The X Factor più tardi quel mese before releasing the album's second single, "Sogno da teenager", in July. "Teenage Dream" reached number one on the Tabellone Hot 100 in September. Rilasciato il 24 agosto 2010, Sogno da teenager ha debuttato al numero uno sul Tabellone 200 and received mixed reviews from music critics. It has since sold 6 million copies worldwide. Sogno da teenager would go on to win the 2011 Premio Juno per l'album internazionale dell'anno. In October, "Fuochi d'artificio" è stato pubblicato come terzo singolo dell'album. It became the album's third consecutive number one on the Tabellone Hot 100 on December 8, 2010.

"ET" caratterizzato Kanye West è stato pubblicato come quarto singolo di Sogno da teenager febbraio 16, 2011. Ha superato il Tabellone Hot 100 for five non-consecutive weeks, making Sogno da teenager the ninth album in history to produce four number one singles on the chart. "Ultimo venerdì sera (TGIF)" followed as the fifth single in June, and Perry became the first female artist to achieve five number-one Tabellone Hot 100 songs from one album when the single topped that chart on August 17, and the second artist after Michael Jackson con il suo album Vasca. For this record, she received an honorary Premio per la musica americana nel mese di novembre 2011 and a 2013 Guinness World Record. On September 7, she set a new record by becoming the first artist to spend 69 consecutive weeks in the top ten of the Hot 100. Dopo "Quello che è scappato" was released as the album's sixth single in October, Sogno da teenager became the third album to spawn six top-five songs on the Tabellone Hot 100 after Nazione del ritmo 1814 by Janet Jackson e Fede by George Michael. The song peaked at number three in the US and number two in Canada.

On January 5, 2012, Perry was named the sixth best-selling digital artist in the United States, with sales of 37.6 million units according to Nielsen SoundScan. That month, she became the first artist to have four songs sell over 5 million digital units when "E.T." reached that mark along with "Firework", "California Gurls", and "Hot N Cold". On February 13, Capitol released the lead single from Sogno adolescenziale: la confezione completa, "Parte di me", che ha debuttato al numero uno sul Tabellone Hot 100 and became Perry's seventh single overall to top the chart. Sogno adolescenziale: la confezione completa was released on March 23, and serves as a reissue of Sogno da teenager. "Ben Sveglio" was released on May 22 as the re-release's second single, raggiungendo il numero due del Tabellone 100 Hot and number one in Canada e Nuova Zelanda.

Katy Perry looking forward and smiling
Perry attending the Sydney premiere for her 2012 documentary Katy Perry: Part of Me, which grossed $32.7 million

Perry embarked on her second tour, the Tour dei sogni californiani, a sostegno di Sogno da teenager dal febbraio 2011 al gennaio 2012. The tour grossed $59.5 million globally and won her the award for Miglior atto dal vivo alla MTV Europe Music Awards 2011. On September 23, 2011, she performed on the opening day of the 2011 Rock a Rio festa insieme a Elton John e Rihanna. In September 2010, Perry was scheduled to appear on the 41st-season premiere of Sesame Street. After her scene was uploaded to YouTube, viewers criticized Perry's exposed sfaldamento. Four days before the scheduled airing, Sesame workshop announced that the segment would not air on television, but would still be available to watch online. Perry subsequently mocked the controversy on Sabato Night Live, where she was a musical guest and wore an Elmo-themed shirt showing large amounts of cleavage during one skit.

In December 2010, Perry played moe szyslak's girlfriend in the live-action segment from a Christmas episode of I Simpson intitolato "La lotta prima di Natale". In February 2011, she made a guest appearance on the E alla fine arriva mamma! episodio"Oh tesoro", playing a woman known as Honey. The role won her the People's Choice Award per la guest star televisiva preferita nel mese di gennaio 2012. She made her film debut in the 3D family motion picture I Puffi as Puffetta on July 29, 2011. The film was a financial success worldwide, while critics gave mostly negative reviews. Ha ospitato Sabato Night Live il 10 dicembre 2011, con Robyn as the episode's musical guest. Perry's work on the episode received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised her performance in the episode's cortometraggio digitale featuring her and Andy Samberg. In March 2012, she guest starred as a prison security guard named Rikki on the Raising Hope episode "Single White Female Role Model". On July 5, 2012, Perry's autobiographical documentary Katy Perry: Part of Me was released to theaters through Paramount Pictures. Il film ha ricevuto recensioni positive and grossed $32.7 million worldwide at the box office.

Perry began to venture into business when she endorsed her first fragrance, Purr, in November 2010. Her second fragrance, Meow!, was released in December 2011. Both perfumes were released through Nordstrom grandi magazzini. Electronic Arts recruited her to promote their new expansion pack for The Sims 3: L'ora dello spettacolo, before releasing a separate pacco di roba featuring Perry-inspired furniture, outfits, and hairstyles, titled The Sims 3: I dolci di Katy Perry, a giugno 2012. The following month, she became the spokesperson and ambassador for popchip and made an investment in the company. Tabellone dubbed her as their "Woman of the Year" for 2012.

She married Russell Brand on October 23, 2010, in a traditional indù cerimonia vicino alla Santuario della tigre di Ranthambhore in Rajasthan, India. On December 30, 2011, Brand announced that they were divorcing after 14 months of marriage. Perry later stated that conflicting career schedules and his desire to have children before she was ready led to the end of their marriage and that he never spoke to her again after sending a text message that he was divorcing her, while Brand asserted that he divorced her due to her commercial success and reluctance to engage in activism. She was initially distraught over their divorce and said that she contemplated suicide. After the marriage ended in 2012, Perry began a relationship with singer John Mayer quell'agosto.

2013-2015: Prisma and Super Bowl XLIX halftime show

In November 2012, Perry began work on her fourth album, Prisma. Lei disse Tabellone, "I know exactly the record I want to make next. I know the artwork, the coloring and the tone" and "I even know what type of tour I'm doing next. I'll be very pleased if the vision I have in my head becomes a reality." After initially telling L'Uomo Vogue in June 2012 that she planned to have "darker elements" in Prisma following the end of her marriage, the singer revealed to MTV during the Premi 2013 MTV Video Music Awards that she changed the album's direction after periods of self-reflection. Perry commented "I felt very prismatic", which inspired the album's name. "Ruggito" è stato pubblicato come primo singolo da Prisma agosto 10, 2013. It was promoted at the MTV Video Music Awards and reached number one on the Tabellone Caldo 100. "incondizionatamente" followed as the second single from Prisma il 16 ottobre 2013, and peaked at number 14 in the United States.

Katy Perry performing in a pink cloak, during the Prismatic World Tour
Perry si esibisce durante il Giro del mondo prismatico nel mese di luglio 2014

Prisma was released on October 18, 2013, and has sold 4 million copies as of August 2015. It received favorable reviews from critics e ha debuttato al numero uno sul Tabellone Grafico 200. Four days later, Perry performed the songs from the album at the iHeartRadio Teatro di Los Angeles. "Dark Horse" con succoso J was released as the album's third single in December, and became her ninth U.S. number-one single the following month. Nel 2014, "Compleanno" e "Questo è il modo in cui lo facciamo" respectively followed as the album's fourth and fifth singles, and reached the top 25 on the Hot 100. Prior to ending her relationship with Mayer in February 2014, she recorded and co-wrote a duet with him titled "Chi ami" per il suo album Valle del Paradiso. The song was released on August 12, 2013. Perry's third headlining tour, the Giro del mondo prismatico, began in May 2014 and concluded in October 2015. It sold almost 2 million tickets and grossed $204.3 million worldwide and won Perry the award for "Top Package" at the 2014 Tabellone Premi itineranti. She also performed at the 2015 Rock in Rio festival on September 27, 2015.

A novembre 23, 2014, il NFL announced that Perry would perform at the Spettacolo del primo tempo del Super Bowl XLIX febbraio 1, 2015. Lenny Kravitz e Missy Elliott served as special guests for the show. Her performance was critically acclaimed, e la Guinness World Records announced two days after the singer's halftime show that it garnered 118.5 million viewers in the United States, becoming the most watched and highest rated show in Super Bowl history. The viewership was higher than the game itself, which was viewed by an audience of 114.4 million.

Le Federazione internazionale dell'industria fonografica (IFPI) ranked her fifth on the list of Top Global Recording Artists of 2013. On June 26, 2014, she was declared the Top Certified Digital Artist Ever by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for certified sales of 72 million digital singles in the United States. In May 2014, a portrait of Perry by painter Marco Ryden was featured in his exhibition "The Gay 90s", and shown at the Galleria Kohn in Los Angeles. Along with several other artists, she also recorded a cover version of the song "Daisy Bell (bicicletta costruita per due)" on a limited-edition concept album titled La musica dei vecchi tempi gay degli anni 'XNUMX: Daisy Bell to accompany the exhibition. That month, a portrait of Perry by artist Will Cotone was included in the United States National Portrait Gallery. On November 23, 2015, Perry starred in H & M's holiday advertising campaign, for which she wrote and recorded a song titled "Ogni giorno è una vacanza". On June 17, 2014, Perry announced that she had founded her own record label under Capitol Records, titled Metamorphosis Music. Ferras was the first artist to get signed to her label, and Perry served as an executive producer on his self-titled EP. She also recorded a duet with him on the EP, titled "Legends Never Die". The label was later renamed Annulla registrazione record.

Outside of her music career, Perry reprised her role as Smurfette in I Puffi 2, which was released in theaters on July 31, 2013. Come il suo predecessore, I Puffi 2 è stato un successo finanziario ma è stato stroncato dalla critica. In March 2014, she made a guest appearance playing herself in the episode "Blisteritos Presents Dad Academy Graduation Congraduritos Red Carpet Viewing Party" of the Spettacolo Kroll. Killer Queen was released as her third fragrance in August 2013 through Coti, Inc. In January 2014, she became a guest curator of Madonna's Art for Freedom iniziativa. In March 2015, she appeared in Marca: Una seconda venuta, a documentary following her ex-husband Russell Brand's transition from comedy work to activism, and released a concert film titled Katy Perry: Il tour mondiale prismatico attraverso Epix, which took place during her tour of the same name. Perry also made a cameo appearance in the music video for Madonna's song "Cagna io sono Madonna" nel giugno 2015. The following month, she released another fragrance with Coty, entitled Mad Potion. In September 2015, she appeared in the documentaries Katy Perry: Realizzazione del Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show, which followed Perry's preparation for her Super Bowl performance, e Jeremy Scott: il designer del popolo, which followed the life and career of designer Jeremy Scott. Perry released a mobile app titled Katy Perry Pop in December 2015 through Glu Mobile where her character helps players become famous musicians. She described it as "the most fun, colorful world that helps guide your musical dreams".

2016-2018: Testimoniare e American Idol

Perry started writing songs for her new album in June 2016, and recorded an anthem for NBC Sportsla copertura del 2016 Giochi Olimpici intitolato "Aumento", which was released the following month. Perry chose to release it as a standalone track rather than save it for her album "because now more than ever, there is a need for our world to unite". NBC also felt its message spoke "directly to the spirit of the Olympics and its athletes" for its inspirational themes. The song reached number one in Australia and number eleven in the United States.

Perry performing during Testimone: Il Tour nel mese di ottobre 2017

In August 2016, Perry stated that she aspired to create material "that connects and relates and inspires" e detto Ryan Seacrest that she was "not rushing" her fifth album, adding "I'm just having a lot of fun, but experimenting and trying different producers, and different collaborators, and different styles". On February 10, 2017, Perry released the album's lead single "Incatenato al ritmo" caratterizzato Salta Marley. It reached number one in Hungary and number four in the United States. The track was also streamed over three million times on Spotify within 24 hours, breaking the music streaming service's record at the time for the highest first-day streaming for a single track by a female artist. Il secondo singolo dell'album, "Buon appetito" con migos, was released that April. Its third single, "Swish Swish", in primo piano Nicki Minaj and followed the next month. They respectively peaked at numbers 59 and 46 in the United States, and made the top 15 in Canada.

L'album, intitolato Testimoniare, was released on June 9, 2017, to mixed reviews, and debuted at number one in the United States. To accompany the album's release, Perry broadcast herself on YouTube for four days with a live-stream titled Katy Perry Live: testimone in tutto il mondo, concluding with a live concert on June 12. The live-stream generated over 49 million views from 190 countries. She also embarked on Testimone: Il Tour, which began in September 2017 and ended in August 2018. Nel giugno 15, 2017, Calvin Harris ha pubblicato una canzone intitolata "Si sente"dal suo album Funk Wav rimbalza vol. 1, which featured Perry, Big Seane Pharrell Williams. The song went on to reach number one in the United Kingdom.

Perry subsequently recorded a cover of the Caro Evan Hansen canzone "Sventolando attraverso una finestra" for the deluxe edition of the registrazione del cast, che è stato rilasciato il 2 novembre 2018. The show's creators Benj Pasek e Giustino Paolo had requested Perry to cover the song to promote the musical's national tour and bring awareness to mental health. Later that month, Perry released "Accogliente piccolo Natale". She also recorded the song "Immortal Flame" for the game Final Fantasy Coraggioso Exviuse ha avuto un personaggio giocabile modeled after her.

Outside of recording music, Perry appeared as herself in the film Zoolander 2, uscito nel febbraio 2016. In February 2017, the singer launched a shoe line titled "Katy Perry Collections". Her shoes are available on her website, Katy Perry Collections, and at retailers such as Dillard's e Walmart. The following August, she hosted the Premi 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. Perry was signed for a $25-million salary to serve as a judge on ABC's rinascita di American Idol, presentato per la prima volta a marzo 2018. Perry began a relationship with Orlando Bloom in early 2016, and the couple got engaged on February 14, 2019.

2019-2020: Sorriso e maternità

Perry at the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards

Al 61° Grammy Awards annuale, Perry performed "Ecco che vieni di nuovo", a fianco Dolly Parton e Kacey Musgraves, as part of a tribute to Parton. Four days later, she released a song called "365", con dj Zedd. In April, Perry was included on a remix of Daddy Yankeela canzone di "Con Calma", con La neve. She followed this with the singles "Mai davvero finita" on May 31, "Piccola conversazione" il 9 agosto e "Harley alle Hawaii"il 16 ottobre. "Never Really Over" in particular received critical acclaim.

In June 2019, Perry appeared in the music video of Taylor Swift'S "Devi calmarti". In July, a jury in California returned a verdict following a week-long trial that Perry's song "Dark Horse" had copied Fiamma's 2008 song "Joyful Noise" after he filed a causa sul copyright alleging that it used his track's beat without permission; the verdict was later overturned. After the initial verdict, the jury ordered her to pay him $550,000. The next month, Josh Kloss, Perry's co-star in the "Teenage Dream" music video, accused her of sexual misconduct. In un Instagram post, Kloss alleged that, during a party at a skating rink, Perry pulled on his sweatpants and underwear, exposing his penis to her male friends. He also said her management prevented him from speaking about his time with the singer. However, Johnny Wujek, the creative director of said party defended Perry, saying that she "would never do something like that" and accused Kloss of having an "ongoing obsession" with her. After initially refraining from responding to this, believing it would have detracted from the Anche io movimento, Perry has also denied Kloss's claims.

Following the release of her single "Mai indossato bianco" in March 2020, Perry revealed in the accompanying music video that she was expecting her first child with Bloom. "Margherite", the lead single from her sixth album, was released on May 15, 2020. Its second single "Sorriso" followed two months later. L'album, anch'esso intitolato Sorriso, è stato rilasciato il 28 agosto 2020. Two days before its distribution, she gave birth to a daughter named Daisy Dove Bloom. L'album ha ricevuto recensioni contrastanti, and debuted at number five in the United States. Perry further promoted the album with four compilation EPs: Camp Katy, Empowered, Scorpio SZN, e Energia Cosmica. These EPs were followed by the single "Non è la fine del mondo" in December 2020, which had a music video in which Zooey Deschanel impersonates Perry. Additionally she collaborated with various artists to create two remixes of Sorriso brani dell'album. Tiësto remix of "Resilient" featuring Aitana was released in November 2020, while Bruno Martini remix of "Piangi per questo più tardi" caratterizzato Luisa Sonza è stato rilasciato nell'aprile 2021.

2021–present: Play concert residency

Perry performing on her Play residency in 2022

On January 20, 2021, Perry performed "Firework" at the Celebrando l'America concerto durante il inaugurazione di Joe Biden. Four months later, she released a new single, "Elettrico", una collaborazione con Pokémon for their 25th anniversary.

Perry began hosting a residenza concertistica detto Play at Resort World Las Vegas dicembre 29, 2021. The show's inception happened during the Bloccaggi COVID-19 with Perry being inspired by Tesoro, mi si sono ristretti i ragazzi, La casa dei giochi di Pee-weee La grande avventura di Pee-wee. She described it as "larger than life" and "the kookiest, most camp show I've ever put together." The show has received critical acclaim with Melinda Sheckells of Tabellone saying that " sold-out opening night is part fantasy, part hallucination and thoroughly camp. In addition to a sold out opening night, the Santa Barbara Indipendente reported that Perry's contract deal for the residency is worth $168 million dollars. It will conclude on November 4, 2023.

Nel mese di settembre 2021, Varietà paid tribute to and honored Perry on their "Power of Women" issue, where she discussed her career, motherhood, and philanthropy. As a nominee, she attended the Varietà 2021 "Power of Women" dinner. On her 37th birthday the next month, Perry guest hosted Lo spettacolo di Ellen DeGeneres and starred in a holiday advertisement for Gap Inc. which featured her singing "All You Need Is Love"Da gli scarafaggi. A full version of her cover was released on streaming platforms the same day. Two months later, Perry followed this with "Quando me ne sarò andato", una collaborazione con il DJ svedese Alesso that made her the third person to reach number one on Croatia's ARC 100 list across three different decades following Lady Gaga e Coldplay. In January 2022, she and Morgan McLachlan established De Soi, a company which produces and sells non alcolico antipasti. Both wanted a beverage that "would mellow the mind, minus the buzz" when creating it.

Insieme con Thomas Rhett, Perry recorded a country pop duet titled "Where We Started" for his album omonimo that was released three months later. That May, it was announced Perry would create music for the soundtrack to Jeremy Zag's animated musical film Melodia and voice its title character. She also became the new face for Mangia'S, SaltaI Piatti', Lieferando's, e Menu log's advertisements and created a new remix of their jingle. On June 8, 2022, Perry was awarded with the Key to Las Vegas, the same day it was marked as Katy Perry day.

Perry collaborated with the tech company Apple Inc. starring in advertisements for their GarageBand music software where users could have "Remix Sessions" featuring her song, "Harleys in Hawaii". On the collab, she stated in August 2022: "'Harleys in Hawaii' has lived so many different lives There is so much opportunity to remix this song, and I can't wait to hear all the GarageBand evolutions with this Apple collab." Perry performed at the Concerto dell'incoronazione of Carlo III the following May at Castello di Windsor.

abilità artistica


Alanis Morissette playing guitar
Freddie Mercury performing
Alanis Morissette (a sinistra) e Freddie Mercury (destra) both heavily influenced Perry and her music.

Perry cites her sister Angela as the woman who has had the most influence on her. During the early stages of her career, Perry's musical style gravitated towards gospel and she aspired to be as successful as Amy Grant. At age 15, she heard "Regina Killer"Da Queen, which inspired her to pursue a music career. She cites the band's frontman, Freddie Mercury, as her biggest influence and expressed how the "combination of his sarcastic approach to writing lyrics and his 'I don't give a fuck' attitude" inspired her music. She paid homage to the band by naming her third fragrance Killer Queen. Perry described i ragazzi da spiaggia e il loro album Pet Sounds as having a considerable influence on her music: "Pet Sounds is one of my favorite records and it influenced pretty much all of my songwriting. All of the melody choices that I make are because of Pet Sounds." The singer also holds the Beatles' album The Beatles in high esteem, and described these two albums as "the only things I listened to for probably two years straight."

She cites Alanis Morissette and her 1995 album Pillola frastagliata as a significant musical inspiration, stating in 2012: "Pillola frastagliata was the most perfect female record ever made. There's a song for anyone on that record; I relate to all those songs. They're still so timeless." Additionally, Perry borrows influence from Rosso fiammeggiante by Patty Griffin e Ali da 10 centesimi by Jonathan Brooke. Perry's autobiographical documentary Katy Perry: Part of Me è stato largamente influenzato da Madonna: Obbligo o Verità. She admires Madonna's ability to reinvent herself, saying "I want to evolve like Madonna".

Perry names Betulla as an influence, particularly admiring her "willingness to always be taking chances". Other artists who Perry has cited as influences include Stevie Nicks, ABBA, i Cardigan, Whitney Houston, Cyndi Lauper, Asso di Base, 3OH! 3, CeCé Peniston, C + C Music Factory, Black Box, Crystal Waters, Mariah Carey, Cuore, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, Imogen Heap, Rufus Wainwright, Rosa, e Gwen Stefani. "Firework" was inspired by a passage in the book On the Road by Jack Kerouac in which the author compares people who are full of life to fireworks that shoot across the sky and make people watch in awe. Her second concert tour, the California Dreams Tour, was reminiscent of Le avventure di alice nel paese delle meraviglie e The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. She also credits the 1996 film Il mestiere for inspiring her song "Dark Horse", e Eckhart Tolle's libro The Power of Now for influencing Prisma.

Stile musicale e temi

"When I am in between records, sometimes I doubt myself. I'll be like 'Did I just get lucky, or did I mass-manipulate the world into thinking that seven songs were worth a number-one position?' And then I go back into the studio and I start writing, and the true essential oil of who I am comes bubbling back up and reminds me that it's always been inside of me, that nobody can take this away no matter what comment anyone makes."

—Perry on her confidence as a songwriter

Although Perry's music incorporates pop, rock, and discoteca, Katie Hudson contains gospel. Her subsequent releases, Uno dei ragazzi e Sogno da teenager, involve themes of sex and love. Uno dei ragazzi è un pop rock registrare, mentre Sogno da teenager features disco influences. Il quarto album di Perry, Prisma, is significantly influenced by dance and pop music. Lyrically, the album addresses relationships, self-reflection, and everyday life. Her fifth studio effort Testimoniare offre electropop album that she described as a "360-degree liberation" record, with themes including political liberation, sexual liberation, and liberation from negativity. Many of her songs, particularly on Sogno da teenager, reflect on love between teenagers; W magazine described the album's sexual innuendos as "irresistible hook-laden melodies". Self-empowerment is a common theme in Perry's music.

Perry has described herself as a "singer-songwriter masquerading as a pop star" and maintains that honest songwriting is very important to her. She told Marie Claire: "I feel like my secret magic trick that separates me from a lot of my peers is the bravery to be vulnerable and truthful and honest. I think you become more relatable when you're vulnerable." Attrice e comica Kristen Wiig commented that "as easy, breezy, and infectious as Perry's songs can be, beneath the surface lurks a sea of mixed emotions, jumbled motives, and contradictory impulses complicated enough to fill a Carole King documentazione." Secondo Greg Kot della Chicago Tribune, "being taken seriously may be Perry's greatest challenge yet." Nel 2013, Il New York Times labeled her "the most potent pop star of the day – her hits are relatable with just a hint of experimentation". Randall Roberts del Los Angeles Times criticized her use of idioms and metaphors in her lyrics and for frequent "clichés". Throughout her career, Perry has also co-written songs recorded by other artists, including Lesley Roy, Kelly Clarkson, Jessie James Decker, Selena Gomez e la scena, Britney Spears, Iggy Azalea, Rita Ora, Nicki Minaje Ariana Grande.


Perry possesses a contralto estensione vocale. Her singing has received both praise and criticism. Betty Clarke of Il guardiano commented that her "powerful voice is hard-edged" while Roby Sheffield da Rolling Stone described Perry's vocals on Sogno da teenager as "processed staccato blips". Darren Harvey of musicaOMH compared Perry's vocals on Uno dei ragazzi to Alanis Morissette's, both possessing a "perky voice shifting octaves mid-syllable". Alex Miller di NME felt that "Perry's problem is often her voice" on Uno dei ragazzi, stating that "somewhere along the line someone convinced her she was like, well, a ballsy rock chick". Conversely, Bernadette McNulty from The Daily Telegraph praised her "rock chick voice" in a review of a concert promoting Prisma.

Immagine pubblica

Perry performing in a dress decorated with peppermint swirls
Perry in her signature spinning peppermint swirl dress at the Tour dei sogni californiani (2011)

On social media, Perry surpassed Justin Bieber as the most followed person on Twitter nel mese di novembre 2013. She won the 2015 Guinness World Record for most Twitter followers, and became the first person to gain 100 million followers on the site in June 2017. Keith Caulfield di Tabellone stated that Perry is "the rare celebrity who seems to have enormous popularity but genuine ground-level interaction with her adoring KatyCats." With over 108 million Twitter followers, she is the most followed woman on the site, and the sixth most followed musician across social media with a combined total of over 375 million followers across Facebook, Instagram e Twitter. A giugno 2017, Tempo magazine listed Perry among its "25 Most Influential People on the Internet" of the year, writing that her live-stream for Testimoniare was "blazing a trail" for being "the closest any major entertainer has come to giving fans the kind of 'real' intimacy that social media purports to provide".

Perry has been described as a sex symbol; GQ labeled her a "full-on male fantasy", while Elle wrote her body looked "as though sketched by a teenage boy". Vice l'ha chiamata A "'serious' popstar/woman/sex symbol". She was placed at number one on the Massima Hot 100 in 2010 as the "most beautiful woman in the world", with editor Joe Levy describing her as a "triple – no quadruple – kind of hot". Salute Uomo readers voted her the "sexiest woman of 2013". In November 2010, Perry told Harper Bazaar that she was proud of and satisfied with her figure.

Perry's fashion often incorporates humor, bright colors, and food-related themes such as her characteristic spinning peppermint swirl dress. Vogue described her as "never exactly one to shy away from the outrageous or the extreme in any realm", and called her the "Queen of Campo", while Glamour named her the "queen of quirk". In February 2009, Perry told Diciassette that her fashion style was "a bit of a concoction of different things" and stated she enjoyed humor in her clothing. She has also described herself as having "multipersonality disorder" for fashion. Perry lists Gwen Stefani, Shirley Manson, Chloë Sevigny, Dafne Guinness, Natalie Portman, e il personaggio immaginario Acqua e Sapone as her style icons. Nel 2022, Elle dubbed her as "the kitsch-loving pop star renowned for her uniquely experimental style", while Vogue described her style as "synonymous with outrageous, eye-catching ensembles that lean towards the theatrical".

During the 2017 launch of her shoe collection, Katy Perry Collections, she said about shoes: "When I first got to L.A., I cultivated my style on a budget, always shopping at thrift stores or vintage stores. … Once, I found these flats that looked like Cani dalmati. They had ears that moved and a tongue that stuck out. They were such a conversation piece. That's what is so great about fashion. … It's a form of communication. You don't have to start a smoking habit to start talking to someone. You can just wear cool shoes. It's an icebreaker."


Several media outlets such as Tabellone e Glamour have referred to her as the "Regina del pop", mentre Vogue e Rolling Stone have dubbed Perry the "Queen of Camp". Andrew Unterberger di Tabellone descritta Sogno da teenager "one of the defining LPs from a new golden age in mega-pop" while Christopher Rosa of Glamour named her as an influence to the pop sound and style of the 2010s, adding that her singles are "some of the most recognizable, iconic, and impactful hits in pop history." Perry was named "one of the last decade's most reliable and successful hitmakers" by the Azienda ufficiale dei grafici in 2022.

Additionally, Perry was included in Glamour's "104 Women Who Defined the in Pop Culture" list, saying: " did more than just break chart records. She was one of the driving forces behind the sound of pop radio in the 2010s. glossy, booming, sugary-sweet, and undeniably catchy." Varietà included Perry in their Varietà 500 list of the most influential business leaders, calling her a "global phenomenon" and a "dedicated artist and tireless self-promoter who has leveraged chart-topping hits, sold-out stadium shows, and staggering endorsement deals to become one of the richest and most influential pop stars alive." Rivista del 2017 pubblicata da Psicologia dell'estetica, della creatività e delle arti studying structural patterns in the melodies of earworm songs compiled lists of orecchiabile tracks from 3,000 participants, in which Perry's "California Gurls" ranked number six. She has been called a "icona gay" by Taylor Henderson of Fuori, noting how "I Kissed a Girl" helped fans explore their sexuality and how Perry openly embraced the Comunità LGBTQ +.

Perry's music has been described by Fuori as having a "lasting legacy", with American singers Fletcher sampling "I Kissed a Girl" and Olivia rodrigo riferimento Sogno da teenager su "Brutale". Additionally, other artists such as Halsey e Ariana Grande have praised Perry's work, with Halsey calling Sogno da teenager the "perfect pop album" and Grande saying "The One That Got Away" is "one of the biggest and most perfectly written pop songs ever from one of the best pop albums of all time." Perry and her work have influenced artists such as Lil Nas X, Halsey, BTS, Adele, Lorde, Sia, Bonnie mckee, Rina Sawayama, Doja Cat, Ellie Goulding, Tegan e Sara, Jessie J, Marina Diamandi, John Mayer, Jason Derulo, Lil b, Piccolo miscuglio, Natalia uccide, Maren Morris, Hayley Kiyoko, Troye Sivan, Kim Petra, Yungblud, Mary Lambert, Problema, Rebecca Black, l'isola solitaria, Francobolli da vagabondo, Baba Sehgal, Grace VanderWaal, Dagny, and Coldplay.

Altre iniziative


Perry posing for photographers at a UNICEF gala
Perry became a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in December 2013

Perry has supported various charitable organizations and causes throughout her career. She has contributed to organizations aimed at improving the lives and welfare of children in particular. In April 2013, she joined UNICEF to assist children in Madagascar with education and nutrition. On December 3, 2013, she was officially named a Ambasciatore di buona volontà dell'UNICEF, "with a special focus on engaging young people in the agency's work to improve the lives of the world's most vulnerable children and adolescents." She arranged for a portion of the money generated from tickets to her Prismatic World Tour to go to UNICEF. In September 2010, she helped build and design the Boys Hope/Girls Hope foundation shelter for youth in Baltimore, Maryland along with Raven-Symoné, Shaquille O'Neal, e il cast di Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. In 2010, Perry and Nicki Minaj performed a cover of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" for service members during the 2010 VH1 Divas salutano il concerto delle truppe.

She has also supported children's education and well-being. All profits from sales of the album La musica dei vecchi tempi gay degli anni 'XNUMX: Daisy Bell, which includes her rendition of "Daisy Bell (bicicletta costruita per due)", were donated to the charity Ragazzini Rock, which supports musical education in underprivileged elementary schools. In June 2014, she teamed up with Staples Inc. for a project entitled "Make Roar Happen" which donated $1 million to DonorsChoose, an organization that supports teachers and funds classroom resources in public schools. In May 2016, she worked with UNICEF to improve child care quality in Vietnam, hoping to "break the cycle of poverty and drastically improve children's health, education and well-being". The following month, UNICEF announced that Perry would receive the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award "for her work as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in support of the world's most vulnerable children" at their annual Snowflake Ball in November. All Spotify streams of her 2021 cover of "All You Need Is Love" will generate $1 in donations for the charity Baby2Baby.

Perri e Nicki Minaj (right) performing for service members during the 2010 VH1 Divas Salute the Troops concert

Perry has supported organizations aimed at aiding people suffering with diseases including cancer and HIV / AIDS. During the 2008 Warped Tour, she had a cast made of her breasts to raise money for the Fondotinta Keep A Breast. She hosted and performed at the We Can Survive concert along with Bonnie mckee, Kacey Musgraves, Sara bareilles, Ellie Goulding, e duo Tegan e Sara at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California, on October 23, 2013. The concert's profits were donated to Coalizione per la giovane sopravvivenza, an organization aiding breast cancer in young women. In June 2009, she designed an item of clothing for H & M's "Fashion Against AIDS" campaign, which raises money for HIV/AIDS awareness projects. On February 26, 2017, she served as a co-chair alongside various celebrities such as Beyoncé, Lea Michele, Jim Carrey, Jared Letoe Kevin Spacey per il 25° Annuale Elton John AIDS Foundation Premio Oscar Party, a fundraiser for HIV/AIDS healthcare.

The proceeds from Perry's single "Part of Me" were donated to the charity MusiCares, which helps musicians in times of need. During her California Dreams Tour, she raised over $175,000 for the Tickets-For-Charity fundraiser. The money was divided between three charities: the Fondo per la salute dei bambini (CHF), Generosity Water, and La Humane Society degli Stati Uniti.

On her 27th birthday, Perry set up a donations page for the Società per la prevenzione della crudeltà verso gli animali Auckland, and set up a similar page benefiting the David Lynch Foundation per il suo cinquantesimo compleanno. On March 29, 2014, she helped raise $2.4 million for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles along with other celebrities such as Ryan Seacrest, Pharrell Williams, Tim Allen, Lisa Edelsteine Riley Keough.

Perry performed at the Un amore Manchester benefit concert for the victims of the 2017 Attentato alla Manchester Arena, among various performers including its organizer Ariana Grande, which was broadcast live on June 4, 2017, on radio and television stations around the world. In March 2018, Perry announced Testimone: Ritorno a casa, a benefit concert that was held in her hometown of Santa Barbara on May 19, 2018. The concert benefited those recovering from the aftermath of the Incendi in California del 2017 e 2018 Colate di fango della California meridionale. Perry partnered with the Santa Barbara Foundation, the 93108 Fund and The 805 UndocuFund, organizations which help in assisting members of the community in the Santa Barbara area through grants and various philanthropic efforts.


Hillary Clinton and Perry pose with hands connected at a fundraising concert
Perry performed at multiple ceremonies for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton durante lei Campagna 2016

Perry has publicly advocated for Diritti LGBT and admitted that she wrote "I Kissed a Girl" about her own bisessuale experiences with other women. In 2017, she received a Nation Equality Award from Human Rights Campaign for "using her powerful voice and international platform to speak out for LGBTQ equality". In her acceptance speech, she discussed having bisexual experiences, her fluid sexuality, and thanked the Comunità LGBTQ +. In un Fuori interview in 2021, she was heralded as a "icona gay" with "I Kissed a Girl" being called a "bonafide queer anthem". She continued to thank the LGBTQ+ community in the same interview, saying: "I came from a very sheltered upbringing where it wasn't okay to be friends with anyone from that community. And now that is my community, I wouldn't have survived without the community and it's amazing how full circle it's come and how much growth has happened since I started." Tomàs Mier di Rolling Stone remarked Perry "championed queer folks, especially drag queen, throughout her career."

Ha sostenuto Muro di pietra during their "It gets better..... today" campaign to prevent omofobico bullismo, and dedicated the music video to her song "Firework" to the Ottiene un progetto migliore. In 2008, Perry told Do Something she was proud to be an LGBT rights activist, saying "I've always been a very open-minded person, but I definitely believe in equality." In June 2012, Perry expressed her hopes for LGBT equality, commenting "hopefully, we will look back at this moment and think like we do now concerning diritti civili issues. We'll just shake our heads in disbelief, saying, 'Thank God we've evolved.' That would be my prayer for the future." In December 2012, Perry was awarded the Trevor Hero Award by Il progetto Trevor for her work and activism on behalf of LGBT youth.

Perry identifies as a femminista, and appeared in April 2013 in a video clip for the "Chime for Change" campaign that aimed to spread female empowerment. She has also said that America's lack of free assistenza sanitaria drove her "absolutely crazy". Dopo l' shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando in June 2016, Perry and nearly 200 other artists and executives in music signed an open letter organized by Tabellone indirizzato a Congresso degli Stati Uniti demanding increased Pistola di controllo negli Stati Uniti.

Through Twitter and by performing at rallies, Perry supported President Barack Obama in his run for re-election and praised his support for matrimonio omosessuale and LGBT equality. She performed at three rallies for Obama, in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Wisconsin, singing a rendition of "Stiamo insieme" as well as a number of her songs. During her Las Vegas performance she wore a dress made to replicate a voting ballot, with Obama's box filled in. On Twitter, she encouraged her followers to vote for Obama.

In August 2013, Perry voiced criticism of Tony Abbott, then-leader of conservative Partito Liberale d'Australia e candidato per Primo Ministro dell'Australia, due to his opposition to gay marriage and told Abbott, "I love you as a human being but I can't give you my vote."; the statement came after Abbott expressed pride at learning of Perry's then-upcoming performance in Australia. In April 2014, she publicly supported Marianne Williamson in her campaign for Terzo distretto congressuale della California by attending a political press event. Ha approvato Kamala Harris nel Elezione del Senato degli Stati Uniti in California, and organized a fundraiser for Harris at her home in Los Angeles in November 2016. Perry also publicly endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton per il presidente dentro 2016. Si è esibita insieme Elton John at a fundraising concert for Clinton in New York City in March 2016. Perry also spoke and performed at the Convenzione nazionale democratica del 2016 in support of Clinton. Four years later, she supported Joe Biden and Kamala Harris during the 2020 Elezioni presidenziali degli Stati Uniti, praising the latter as a leader who had "experience we desperately need right now" and believed that the former "choosing her as his running mate is already a testament to his decision making". In 2022, Perry posted a picture of herself voting for Rick Caruso nel 2022 Elezione del sindaco di Los Angeles.


Perry at the Premi musicali ARIA nel mese di novembre 2014

Throughout her career, Perry has won five American Music Awards, quattordici Scelta delle persone Awards, quattro Guinness World Records, a Brit Award, e Premio Giunone. Nel mese di settembre 2012, Tabellone dubbed her the "Woman of the Year". From May 2010 to September 2011, the singer spent a record-breaking 69 consecutive weeks in the top ten of the Tabellone Caldo 100. Sogno da teenager became the first album by a female artist to produce five number-one Tabellone Hot 100 singles, and the second album overall after Michael Jackson's Vasca. In the United States, she has accumulated nine number-one singles on the Tabellone Hot 100, her most recent being "Dark Horse", and holds the record for having 18 consecutive number-one songs on the Tabellone Canzoni da discoteca grafico.

Tabellone also named her the 15th most successful dance club artist of all time. The magazine additionally ranked her fourth on its "Greatest of All Time Pop Songs Artists" list, incluso Sogno da teenager e Prisma among its "Greatest of All Time Billboard 200 Albums by Women" list, and ranked "Dark Horse" at number 100 on its "Greatest of All Time Hot 100 Songs" as well as one of its "Greatest of All Time Hot 100 Songs by Women" along with "E.T.", "Firework", and "California Gurls". In June 2015, her music video for "Dark Horse" became the first video by a female artist to reach 1 billion views on Vevo. The following month, her music video for "Roar" reached 1 billion views on Vevo, making her the first artist to have multiple videos with 1 billion views.

Perry was declared the Top Global Female Recording Artist of 2013 by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). According to Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), she is the fifth miglior artista digitale per single in the United States, with 109.5 million certified song units in the country including on-demand streams and also has 17 million certified album units, totaling 126 million certified units in the United States. She also became the first artist to have three songs receive Diamond certifications from the RIAA with "Dark Horse", "Firework", and "Roar". All three of them and "E.T.", "California Gurls", and "Hot n Cold" have each sold over 5 million digital copies. With more than 18 million albums and 125 million singles sold globally, Perry is one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

Nel 2011, Forbes ranked her third on their "Top-Earning Women In Music" list with earnings of $44 million and fifth on their 2012 list with $45 million. She subsequently ranked seventh on the 2013 Forbes list for "Top-Earning Women In Music" with $39 million earned, and fifth on their 2014 list with $40 million. With earnings of $135 million, Forbes also ranked Perry number one on their 2015 "Top-Earning Women In Music" list as well as the "World's Highest-Paid Musicians" and declared her the highest earning female celebrity in 2015, placing her at number 3 on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list. In 2016, the magazine estimated her net worth was $125 million, and ranked her number six on their list of "Highest-Paid Women in Music" with earnings of $41 million. The following year, she was ranked number nine on the list with $33 million. In 2018, she topped its "Highest-Paid Women in Music" listing and ranked at number four on the "Highest-Paid Female Celebrities" list, with earnings of $83 million. Perry subsequently was placed at number four on the 2019 "Highest-Paid Women in Music" listings, with $57.5 million. Later that year, with earnings of $530 million throughout the 2010s, the magazine also ranked her as the ninth-highest-earning musician of the decade.



Tours and residency

Tour da co-headliner

  • Strangely Normal Tour (with Phil Joel) (2001)

Tour principali


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